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What is a CASHFLOW Club?

In 1994 we were financially free. Many people assumed we had amassed millions of dollars in savings. Not the case. What we did do, for the previous 5 years, was amass cash flow. Our goal was simple; have more money coming in every month from investments, than was going out in living expenses.

In 1994 we had $10,000 per month in cash flow, primarily from our rental real estate properties, and only $3,000 per month in living expenses. At that point we were free. Our money was working hard for us, instead of us working hard for our money.

People kept asking us, “How did you do it?” “Can you teach me to do that?”

Our challenge became how do we teach people to do what we did to become financially free, without having to travel all over the world telling people.

We both like games. We like competing. We like winning.

cashflow club game
CASHFLOW game in progress

We asked ourselves, “What if we could combine investing, one of the scarier subjects when it comes to money, and accounting, probably the most boring subjects, and create a fun and entertaining board game that teaches people exactly what we did?” That way the board game travels, and we don’t have to, because one of our mantras at Rich Dad is “the more people we serve, the more effective we become.” People teaching people is much more effective and reaches so many more people, than usRobert and Kim speaking to a few.

More importantly, a board game allows the players to become the teachers. Everyone learns from everyone else. It’s actually people teaching people.

By playing the game you see different strategies of different players. You make investing mistakes… but with play money, not real money. And it opens up discussion about money and investing that most people never talk about.

And you have fun while you learn!

Having never invented a board game, every day was an experiment in what works and what doesn’t works. And in October 1996, we launched the CASHFLOW board game in Singapore to a group of about 500 players.

The CASHFLOW Game and The Rich Dad Mission

The CASHFLOW game was the first product of The Rich Dad Company.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, the book, actually started as a brochure to promote the game.

The purpose of a business is to solve a problem. The problem we saw was that there was little-to-no financial education throughout the school system, globally. We decided to take on the task of bringing financial education to anyone who wanted it throughout the world.

The mission statement of The Rich Dad Company from day 1 is: To elevate the financial well-being of humanity.

We would love you to join in our mission.

The CASHFLOW game was our first product to begin fulfilling that mission.

The CASHFLOW Game and the CASHFLOW Clubs

A few years after we launched the CASHFLOW game the New York Times newspaper called us and said they wanted to do a story on the game. We were ecstatic!

One day the journalist writing the story called us and asked, “Did you know that you have a CASHFLOW Club here in New York with about 1,000 members?” We said, “No, we didn’t know that.” Then he went on to say, “I’ve been doing some research and do you know there are CASHFLOW Clubs all over the world?” We were stunned and speechless. We had no idea.

We began doing our own research and we discovered that there were approximately 3,500 CASHFLOW Clubs worldwide. These clubs are groups of people that spontaneously get together on a regular basis and play the game. Some groups meet at coffee shops, some at people’s offices. We know of one club that meets once a month at their favorite pizza parlor.


The importance of being part of a CASHFLOW Club is that you get to play the game often. Repetition is how we learn. There are always new distinctions to get from the game, because where you are today is not where you will be a month from now.

The CASHFLOW Clubs fulfill the mission that we choose to take on in 1996.

These clubs are near and dear to our hearts. They are teaching, encouraging and supporting one another to achieve their financial goals and dreams. The CASHFLOW Clubs are reaching the people and doing the work that we cannot reach or do ourselves. We are so very grateful for every CASHFLOW Club that exists for the sole purpose of improving people’s financial lives.

One Word of Caution

The CASHFLOW Clubs we support are those that operate for the sole purpose of teaching and supporting their members to have healthier and happier financial lives.

We will stand behind you all day long.

Please be aware that some people form a CASHFLOW Club for the purpose of making themselves wealthy, regardless if you benefit or not. In other words, they use the club as a sales pitch to sell you on their product or business.

Our suggestion is this – if you attend a CASHFLOW Club and at some point during the game play you get a sales pitch on another product or business – please take a look at the true intention of that club, and choose whether to continue with that club or not. Thank you.

A Few Lessons from the CASHFLOW Game

Here are just a few, of many, lessons to watch for as your play CASHFLOW.


    Any game you play – any sports, board games, any competition – will bring out a person’s true behavior. Rest assured that behavior, and it may be your own behavior, that shows up in the game will also show up in life.

    As you’re playing CASHFLOW, watch the behaviors of the other players, as well as your own, to see if how you play the board game… is how you play life.


    We often say, “It’s not the investment that’s risky, it’s the investor.” Someone who puts their money into an investment (real estate, stocks, business, commodities) with not education about the investment is a very risky investor.

    The first step is to get some education and then start small. Take baby steps.

    While playing the game, there will always be players who go for the BIG deal before they have ever done a SMALL deal. They don’t have the money or experience but they want to “go for it all”. That is why is so important to play with fake money before playing with your own real money.


    Often throughout the game you will be faced with the decision of, “Do I keep my asset which is giving me cash flow, or sell it and take the cash?”

    CASHFLOW is based on real life. There will be times when you are faced with this choice. There is no right answer.

    We have a rule in our investing life. That rule is, any dollar that comes into the asset column, stays in the asset column. That means, if weyou have a property (or other investment) that is producing cash flow, we can sell it, but the profit must go to purchase or create another asset. If we sell the asset and pay off credit cards, our car loan, or our home loan, then those funds have left the asset column.

    There have been two incidents recently where we faced this question. On the first one, we sold the asset and invested it into another property that delivered a better cash flow. One the second property, we opted to not sell and instead sought out a cash flow tenant.

    We truly thank our CASHFLOW Clubs and all of you who participate in them.

    Please support one another in having the financially free lives you all deserve.

    With gratitude,

    Robert & Kim